A Brief History

My daughter Shirley and I developed our interest in the Shepherd show scene, back in the early seventies. Our first dog was purchased purely as a pet, with the attributes that one would always need, to become a much loved family member.


As I was learning more about our hobby, she was subsequently mated to TANFIELD CARO known at that day to be a good "hip producer" he being a Grey, improved on her colour, which depicted her lines.... Ramacon Swashbuckler! We kept a son from that line, and he was a very special dog indeed, as he taught us all we know about not winning at every show up and down the country. He taught us within 12 months that

a) "not all judges know everything"!!!

b) "and some venues were not right for him"!!!


Then we got wise…….. We bought our first show

bitch from Des and Gloria Rambridge of TRAMELLA

GSDs and embarked on a life long hobby that has

engrossed us ever since. Shirley is now sharing the

affix of MASCANI - a name that was chosen by my

very dear late dad.


From our first Tramellas bitch, we went from strength to strength. After a few winning dogs came our first "real" star in the ring MASCANI MIKADO (dads choice of name again!) who gained his Junior Warrant, and was a joy to see move. Tragedy struck when "Mickey" was killed at the tender age of 20 months in a car accident.


Here, the ¬doggy friendship¬ shone through,.....a name you will all be familiar with is, the late, great Johnnie Stokes. from breeding to exhibiting and handling - who offered Champion Langfaulds Amos - to repeat the mating that gave Mickey. Sadly, it was not to be, there was only one Mickey.

Mickey produced Mortoff Nimrod (junior warrant) who then produced our first Champion- Mascani Kayleigh.


Our second champion is ALEXBRIA VINCENT AT MASCANI who has won many times in England and Ireland, major wins, four CC's and six Res CC`s........ graded Excellent 1998/99 Q.A.R. ….. Breed Survey Class 1.


The bug is truly with me for life, in the friends that I have, and the love of this wonderful breed, when bred carefully and considerately.

I having enjoyed judging GSDs extensively in the UK at Open and Championship level and now Shirley has also completed the GSD Breed Council Championship Judges examination successfully.


Mo Lakin.