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Got a dog related problem, Can't see a way out...Join Justice For Dogs...Help is always at hand

A young charity with a wealth of experience    Justice For Dogs... able to help you, your club or organization with all things canine. Justice For Dogs offers to all dog lovers free legal advice and assistance as well as advice relating to all aspects of canine welfare and ownership. Furthermore they actively encourage the formation of groups working for responsible dog ownership. In fact if it has the dog's interest at heart, they are here to help.


Justice For Dogs is an unique charitable organization- there is no other like it. To date they have answered hundreds of calls, from simple questions relating to dog ownership to some very complex legal issues which have to be worked through the Judicial system.

They are here to help and support you whenever you need us so please support them in this important work by joining Justice For Dogs today. It gives a lot of satisfaction knowing you are actively helping dogs in need.

They offer you peace of mind! There is a team of professionals you can turn to for help should you or your dog have problems with a Vet; a local Authority or a member of the public. In fact they can help with just about any dog-related problem.

All this for a very small annual fee


Founder Ann L. M. Harpwood

Finloren Cottage


Old Radnor



Tel. & Fax. 01544 370213 ; Reg. charity No. 1059356


Justice For Dogs is here to help with

Free legal advise

Free assistance and advise on all aspects pf canine welfare and ownership.

We will support YOU as an organization, group or individual.

Please support US


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