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Mascani Caprice ZW 80 - V Immo vom Mons Tabor SCHH2 Kkl 1 x Mascani Eve

JW 5 Res CC's V-rated, TOP Youth Female 2005 & Joint 3rd Top Bitch - GSD Breed Council Magazine, Hip Score total 11,  A stamp Normal,  Elbow Score 0, Breed Survey Class 1,

                                                                                                                     See full pedigree HERE

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“ Many Thanks to all of Caprice’s handlers and also to Mike Ruston for his expert help with her training.”


Mascani Caprice progeny:


Champion Mascani Kandi (our Inga to her friends)owned by Ricky, Lorraine and Louise Dunn with whom we have become great friends.

We thank them very much for taking such good care of her and for allowing us to campaign her in the summer of 2012 - gaining 5 CCs in 4 months.


See more of Inga HERE

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