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British and KC Champion Mascani Ikon 

VA Nando vom Gollerweiher x Mascani Caprice JW 5 RCCs

Best British Bred Working Male—British Sieger 2014, 4 times V graded—British Sieger Working Male

IPO2, Kkl lbz, Hips and Elbows Normal, DNA Geprueft, Haemophilia Clear, PD Clear, CRD Clear

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IKON PD Test Certificate 10557756_930176047008760_2410181712194727281_o (1) ike

Mascani Maddie:

CH Mascani Ikon x Astana Dayna  

maddie ziva 3 ziva 2

Mascani Janto - Ziva, CH Mascani Ikon x Mascani Samba                                          


Fantastic girl, intelligent, gentle, beautiful. A born leader and natural protector.

We love the bones of her.


ziva 1

Mascani Kiwi:

CH Mascani Ikon x CH CH Mascani Odessa

Brineack Cane, Cinna & China


Brineack Cane Brineack Cina and China ikon and blue 2 ikon and blue 3 ikon and blue

Tirgram Deyka x Mascani Ikon

Mascani Kiwi 2014-6231 sleeping S1054879 Deykanblue Albert  owned by James Cooke

Deykanblue Albert (Finn) owned by James Cooke