To a neighbour that has now left, he will be remembered

as the dog that ate her chicken ! (it was already dead and

cooked) albeit, it was meant for Sunday lunch.

To Wendy and Andy Winfrow, he will be remembered as a lovely son of Champion Laios, and exactly the same sort of character.

To Anne and Alex Timmins, he produced them a Champion when they used him on their Vornlante Quella - she was misbehaving with all other suitors, but Josh won her round I am pleased to say, even though the deed took place half way in Alex`s fish-pond. !

To my daughter Kate, he will be remembered as the docile loving dog that came to stay for a week-end, and put a very very unpleasant and undesirable neighbour in his place.

So you see - Josh was an ambassasor for our lovely breed, and all things to all men.... but to myself and Shirley and Zep, he was - good old, plain old, Josh.

Josh who slept at the bottom of the stairs, Josh who scrounged any food he could, even off the surfaces in the kitchen ! Josh who was my dads best pal, Josh who produced our second Champion and Josh who was always there when I came in from work, just to rub all over my trousers because they were black and gathered hairs - I wish I had never moaned at him for that now.

I was really wanting Josh to stay until we moved to our new house, so that he could run the fields, but it was not meant to be - I have all of my memories with him and they will come with me. Even though I have been in this game 30 years, it doesnt get any easier, - I WOULDNT WANT IT TO. I have lost all of my "oldies" very recently, Theo, Penny, Gremlin, Beth, and now Josh in the space of 18 months. My memories are very full of good times with them though, and that is the important thing. Thanks for reading my "ramblings".

love to you all Mo

Our Greatest Memories

3 CCs 5 Res CCs

Sire: Mortoff Nimrod At Mascani

Dam: Tramella's Rommi At Mascani

Kayleigh retired after gaining her 3rd ticket,

Breed Survey Class 1

13/11/03, Joshua left us - he had not had an easy 2 years, but had stayed very very cheery and enjoyed life, until this week, when weight loss became very drastic, and he began to suffer. For that reason, we had to say good-bye.

To all of you that met Josh, you will remember him in different ways, Sean and Debbie will remember him as "Bambi" - the puppy with rubber legs that we took to Ireland many years ago, family will remember him as the Gentleman of the crowd, always sensible, and telling off gently the younger ones.

Mascani Alicia

Sire - Int Ch Rosehurst Chris ex Ch Mascani Kayleigh, 1992 - 2002

“Known as Megan, Alicia lost her battle with cancer in 2002. She will be remembered as a great companion especially to my daughter, Katy. Sadly missed but living on in her top winning and producing son, Kimbo and daughters, Eve and Holly.”

(Above Alicia and Alicia with Katy)


Mascani Adele, Sire -

Int Ch Rosehurst Chris ex Ch Mascani Kayleigh,

6th January 1992 to 9th February 2002

"Beth"   "don't mourn for me, now Mum," ........

You were with me when I arrived, and with me at the end,

We shared the joy of winning, and we were always best of friends, - When you were there to talk to me,

I was there to listen,

It wasnt always joy and light, that made our eyes just glisten,

I went the way I wanted to - quite fast, no pain - no fuss,

I`m sorry it was a shock to you - now there is you - Not Us          

love Beth x

My beloved Zak passed away on Tuesday 22nd December 2008 after a very short illness at the age of 14 years and 10 months. Zak was such a beautiful boy and was from the first litter I bred after leaving home. He was a brilliant ambassador for the breed and made many, many friends of the visitors we have had over the years. Nothing I could say can describe the gap he has left in our lives. Chris has lost his pal, Sam has lost his buddy, Katy has lost Zakky-boy and I have lost "My old Lad"


 Christmas 2008  

A litter of Zak's pups -

our most famous photo!

Sam with Zak April 2007


Champion Alexbria Vincent at Mascani

4 CCs - 6 Res CC's, Hip Score 6:4=10,  Haemophilia A Neg, Breed Survey Class 1, Graded EXCELLENT 1998/99 Q.A.R. Mascani Joshua x Vornlante Quella

Photo by

Gina Tidy


on 23/9/01 -

the day that

Toby gained

his title under

Herr Dierendonk ,

handled by

Will Jeffries

Mascani Chloe ~ Chloe,

 We had the pleasure of sharing some time with Chloe, from the day she came home with us we were all smitten, she was gentle, and a real motherly figure in our home.  She had many funny ways, she adored to carry a stick with her on all her walks and often her runs, which she loved with my husband. she was bomb proof, loving every one, and everything with only one exception the postman. Although we were only given two short years with Chloe, the memories we shared will last a life time.

 After a short illness and many tests, we were advised to say goodbye to our dear dear friend, she will always be remembered

with great fondness, often tears, and now smiles.


RIP my sweet girl.  



      Lindmark Lexus at Mascani 


                                     Mascani Eve


Mascani Adele

MImage2B mascanijoshua mascanikayleigh mascanialicia famousfoto

  03-02-94 to 22-12-08

zaksam mascaniadele linmark lexus mascanieve