Puppies who leave us have the following:

• Vet health check

• KC 5 gen pedigree & registration certificate

• Micro-chip

• Worming treatment from 2 weeks to 8 weeks

• Insurance

• "Instruction" manual

• Life-Time support on all aspects of care.


All of our dogs are raised on a natural raw meat diet which we recommend and can give advice on - we also recognise that some owners may not wish to feed raw meat and so puppies are accustomed to eating good quality complete meal and we will give advice on this too.


We endeavour to have young puppies back if their new owners are going on holiday and we will also have older dogs back if we have space at the time - if not we may be able to recommend suitable boarding kennels.


We ask that our dogs are returned to us for re-homing if an owner's circumstances change and they can no longer keep them.


Typical Mascani Puppies

Here at Mascani we have decided not to subscribe to the KC accredited breeders scheme from 2015 having been members since its inception. This decision has not been taken lightly but we are disillusioned with the scheme and the fact that no requirement is placed on its members to ensure that they only breed from dogs which meet high levels of health test results and have passed a breed survey. We believe that the KC Accredited Breeder Scheme gives a false impression of a mark of quality and is misleading the general public.


At Mascani we go far beyond the requirements of the KC accredited breeder scheme. We only breed from dogs which have been DNA profiled, tested for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia and haemophilia (males) and have met all the requirements to pass either a British breed survey or a German SV koerung. In addition, we carry out DNA testing for pituitary dwarfism and canine renal dysplasia if we have any reason to believe one of our animals may be a carrier of these conditions.


We take an active interest in the development of health tests for significant conditions and will stay at the forefront of best practise.


We aim to breed animals that are healthy, sound of temperament and as close to the breed standard as we can achieve. We do not breed excessively from our bitches and we lavish our puppies with the best start possible.

Our puppies are available to approved homes from the age of 8 weeks.


Female aged 9 weeks out of Mascani Saffron by Terry von Fuerstenperle




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