Zanto von der Liebeswarte - VA Fulz Di Zenevredo x V Easy von der Liebeswarte

IPO1, Kkl, Hips and Elbows Normal, DNA Geprueft,  Haemophilia Clear, 2 Green Stars


Zanto has arrived in the UK, a father typical son of the beautiful VA dog Fulz Di Zenevredo. He carries many VA “greats” on both Dam and Sire line.

With the influence of such an appealing bloodline combination and through his own anatomical virtues, we are confident that he will appeal to discerning breeders. He is recommended when considering correction of size, rear angulation, body proportions and ear carriage.

Zanto is very much a male who embodies the breed’s ideal medium size.

He has gained an excellent Koerung report, which will appear on our website and we are delighted that he also gained an excellent breed survey class 1 report from Nikki Farley in 2013.

                                                                                                      See his full pedigree HERE