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WUSV / GSDL British Regional Group                                                                            Established 2010                                                        



The SV Grading System Explained


At Regional shows held under rules adapted from the rules of the WUSV, as well as being placed in their class each exhibit is awarded a grading which is the judge’s opinion on the exhibit’s quality against the breed standard rather than against the other exhibits in the class.


For exhibits under 12 months old:

VV or VP = Vielversprechend / Very promising – The highest possible grading for this age group

V or P = Versprechend / Promising

WV or LP = Weniger versprechend / Less promising


For exhibits over 12 months old:

V = Vorzueglich / Excellent – Can only be awarded to exhibits over 2 years old and is the highest possible grade at a Regional Show.

SG = Sehr Gut / Very Good – The highest possible grade for exhibits between 12 months and 2 years old.

G = Gut / Good

A = Ausreichend /Sufficient

M = Mangelhaft / Faulty

U = Ungenuegend / Insufficient


A grading of G or above from an SV judge at a Regional Show fulfils the show grade requirement of the Koerung (SV Breed Survey).


VA = The grading of VA (Vorzueglich Auslese / Excellent Select) can only be awarded at a Sieger show in the Working Class for exhibits which have passed the protection and courage test prior to the class. This is the highest honour which can be bestowed upon an exhibit and is only awarded to a small number of exhibits each year.

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