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WUSV / GSDL British Regional Group                                                                            Established 2010                                                        



Annual Awards 2014


The WUSV-GSDL-BRG Committee is delighted to announce the Top 10’s for 2014. Congratulations to all breeders and owners.

Owner’s certificates are being prepared and will be handed out at the forthcoming Regional Shows or by post on request.

Normal Coat Males

1st BR Ch Yupp v Hammelsbacher Hof

2nd Khudo-Ustinov VD Ybajo Hoeve

Jt 2nd CH Lararth Tevez

Jt 2nd CH & BR CH Mascani Ikon

Jt 2nd Quan V Goldenen Strand

6th Clynalwins Kayson

7th Calle V Westervenn

Jt 7th Clokellys Zeger

Jt 7th Conbhairean Bazi


Long Coat Males

1st BR CH Hazroh Ulk

2nd Ebony Jumping Jack

3rd Opalia Solar Flare

4th Iolanda Dax

5th Christers Privateer

6th Shellmead Negus

7th Lararth Vegas


Normal Coat Females

1st BR CH Kassieger Rianne

Jt 1st Paris V Simpor

3rd Hanna V Holtkamper See

4th Cruaghaire Catoria

5th Robasden Femme Fatale

Jt 5th Vanilla V Holtkamper Hof

Jt 5th Burtonharven Bevi

Jt 5th CH & BR CH Kassieger Renata

Jt 5th Samstag Lissie

Jt 5th Margmann Ultima Thule


Long Coat Females

1st BR CH Impranah Zante

2nd Shellmead Montania

Jt 2nd BR CH Hazroh Sassy

4th Gayvilles Martina

5th Cecania Rio

Jt 5th BR CH Impranah Xtra

Jt 5th Opalia Bonfire

Jt 5th Peterwell Reva

Jt 5th Videx Kooki at Gaintlands

Jt 5th Gabriella's Pride & Joy of Reinglen





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