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WUSV / GSDL British Regional Group                                                                            Established 2010                                                        



The WUSV / GSDL BRG Show Rules

and Class Definitions 2013



BABY PUPPY: For dogs of four (4) and not exceeding six (6) calendar months of age.. No Entries will be taken on the day.


MINOR PUPPY: For dogs of six (6) and not exceeding nine (9) calendar months of age


PUPPY: For dogs of nine (9) and not exceeding twelve (12) calendar months of age


SPECIAL PUPPY: For dogs of six (6) and not exceeding twelve months of age


JUNIOR: (Youth - Jugend) 12 - 18 Months,

Hip and elbow scores *are not required, however if a score has been granted it MUST be disclosed.


YEARLING: (Young – Junghund) 18 - 24 Months ,

Either a British Breed Survey Pass or Koerung is declared or, if a breed survey or Koerung is not yet attained, health test scores *MUST be disclosed.


INTERMEDIATE:  12 – 24 months, For 12 to 18 months,

Hip and elbow scores are not required, however if a score has been granted it MUST be disclosed. For 18 to 24 months, either a British Breed Survey Pass or Koerung is declared or, if a breed survey or Koerung is not yet attained, health test scores* MUST be disclosed.

*Exhibits with health test results which will not qualify it for a breed survey or Koerung pass are not eligible to compete at BRG events. If the score is being appealed, the exhibit is not eligible to compete until the result of the appeal is known and then falls into the range which would qualify the exhibit to obtain a breed survey or Koerung pass.



BRITISH BREED SURVEY: Any Dog with or without a SchH/VPG/IPO Training Degree and NO KOERUNG can Enter the Adult Class provided they meet the above criteria and have passed a British Breed Survey, however their Training Degree will NOT be taken into account.


WORKING CLASS REQUIREMENTS – (Working – Gebrauchshund) 24 Months:

* All dogs must have a Koerung

* All dogs must have a Training Degree of at least a SchH1/VPG1/IPO 1

* All dogs will be subject to off lead gating (no more than one lap of the ring)



ALL dogs over 12 mths will be required to pass a GUN TEST.

ALL dogs over 12 mths will be measured.

ALL exhibits must provide original breed survey, koerung, health test and working qualification certificates upon request of the show secretary and grading cards will be retained for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class until the secretary has inspected all relevant paperwork. If original paperwork is not available on the day of the show, the secretary must be notified and it must be made available as soon after the show as possible.


Summary of the WUSV /GSDL British Regional Group Rules & Regulations for a Regional Group Event - (Based on WUSV/SV Rules & Regulations)

1. The Event is open to German Shepherd Dogs only.

2. The Event will be held under the rules of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG based on WUSV Rules & Regulations.

3. The Event will open at

4. Judging will commence at

5. Entry Fees must accompany the Entry.

6. The club reserves the right to refuse entries.

7. The Judges’ decisions are final.

8. Exhibitors are responsible for arriving in time for their Class.

9. The club reserves the right to exclude any dog which is not fit for exhibition due to disease or other cause.

10. Should any Judge be prevented from fulfilling his/her engagement another Judge will be appointed

11. ALL handlers when exhibiting in the Ring must wear a Numbered Bib. The Bib must be clearly visible. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure the Bib is returned to the Steward/s at the end of each Class, otherwise a charge of £10 will be levied against the owner for each non-returned bib/s.

12. ALL Exhibits must have verifiable identification of a Tattoo Number or ISO approved Microchip.

13. ALL dogs over 24 months must have a British Breed Survey or a Koerung - Adult & Working Classes.

14. ALL exhibitors should collect their Ring Numbers from the IDENTIFICATION STEWARD, who will check the

dogs Tattoo Number / Microchip Number. Teeth & Testicles will be checked by the Judge.

15. ALL dogs over 12 months will be Measured.

16. ALL exhibitors and handlers must abide by all instructions given by the Judges/Ring Stewards & Event Manager.

17. Cheques/Postal orders must be made payable to the “INSERT CLUB/GROUP NAME””. If any cheque or postal

order is not honoured upon first presentation to the Bank the entries will either be returned or the cheque re-presented.

Exhibitors will be liable for any costs or fees that are incurred.

18. In the event a “Regional Event” has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the Club/Group will refund any fees

less reasonable expenses to all Exhibitors on request provided they produce a Statement of the Costs.

19. Dogs must not be left unattended in the precincts of the Event and under no circumstances are they to be tied up.

Dogs in cars - Remedial action will be taken in the event of dogs left in cars found to be in a distressed condition. Warning - If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

20. Exhibitors are responsible for the behavior of their children & will be held responsible for any damage they cause.

21. Awards will be given out at the end of each Class.

22. Winners may use the Titles of “Regional Sieger/Regional Siegerin” of their respective Classes.


24. Please respect the Venue and clean up after your animal. Anyone found not cleaning up after their animals will be

asked to leave the Venue.

25. In the interest of SAFETY no running around the outside of the ring will be allowed. Except in the designated area specifically provided for this practice.

26. The use of Remote Trainers and Pinch Collars will not be allowed and anyone found using them will be reported and disqualified.

27. Exhibitors are obligated to make true statements about their dog(s). Any attempt at deception may lead to theimplementation of disciplinary procedures by the WUSV/GSDL-BRG, which may result in disqualification of the Owners and the dog(s) from this and any future BRG regional event based on WUSV Rules & Regulations.

28. Exhibitors are obligated to show sportsmanlike conduct. Offences determined by the Group’s disciplinary procedures could lead to a reprimand and/or to the disqualification of the dog(s). Also Exhibitors who intentionally make wrong statements or do not answer questions put to them by the Event Officials, also those who make or tolerate changes in their dog (s), or take actions intended to deceive the Judge will lose any award already given to their dog(s) at this Event and can, according to the gravity of the case, be excluded from future Events or have another penalty administered by the organizing Club/Group.

29. It is not allowed for the Judge at a Regional Event to judge dogs that are bred or owned by himself and /or his agents. Extreme caution should be exercised regarding dogs that are owned or cared for by the Judges’ near relatives. This includes persons one lives with, breeds with, owns dogs with and share households with.

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